Aneel Ranadive is the founder of Soma Cap, started 8 yrs ago investing in B2B / SaaS across any sector or geography we've now been early often 1st check-in over 20 unicorns since starting (Deel, Rippling, Lattice, Ironclad, Rappi, Razorpay, Ramp, etc.) many also now advise Soma portfolio founders.

Our Portfolio

We invest in software to automate the world across sectors and geographies. Our portfolio now includes 500+ brilliant teams, of which are driven to make the world a better place through grit, intelligence and determination. Here’s a quick look:

Founder References from +20 unicorns founders we seeded, they often angel invest in new seed companies and are hands-on helpful. One in particular from Eric Glyman, Ramp cofounder “Aneel and Soma changed my life” here - we were one of the 1st investors

Our Network Firepower

Soma Cap is at ~$1b AUM with our latest close "and just getting started" we have a lean team of 15 and unique lp's (legendary cofounders of FB, DataDog, Docusign, Google, Tinder, etc) and Soma is backed by Tier 1 growth funds who can lead rounds of our breakouts (founding partners or funds like Tiger, DST, NEA, Greenoaks, Insight, Sequoia, Temasek among others)


Fortune 500 Company Relationships

One of our "superpowers'' besides having 20 unicorn teams we seeded (many of which are also advisors to Soma) is we have a network of top execs / CEOs of Fortune 500 co's from the company Aneel’s father Vivek Ranadive built Tibco Software (4.3b exit to Vista, big data for many huge enterprises) so we can often help target / close large customers, and Tibco powered gov-services too so often can help w/ legislation. Vivek also seeded/mentored Google, Yahoo, Salesforce, and eBay to Steve Jobs during Next operating system days.

Building one of the Biggest Sports / Media Conglomerates in the World

We’ve been NBA owners for over 10 years, first co-owning the Golden State Warriors, and now owning the Sacramento Kings. We are building a conglomerate adding baseball, the NFL, and Soccer - now bidding on Chelsea - now one of the top iconic brands in the world.